I feel as fucking useless as a white fucking crayon


u just gotta find someone who prefers black paper my friend

that was the most beautiful thing i’ve ever read

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Justin Bartels - Impression (2012)

I can’t not reblog this.

This is the best thing on the Internet. We undress everyday and it shows us how confined we are. Those imprints show how uncomfortable we are throughout each day just to impress other people. We create prisons in our own clothes. We are a prisoner in a socially constructed idea of what is beautiful.

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On Labels and Lovers

There’s a server at my work who is beautiful. She’s tall and skinny, with big lips and big boobs and platinum blonde hair and piercings all over. Her body is a canvas, both daily and forever, and she’s just soooo skinny. She’s hot.

Last night I was talking to Jake—who works where I work: he’s a cook, I wash dishes as my summer job—and this server was brought up. Jake said something about how our mutual friend Darin thought she was really hot. But Jake just shook his head and said he wasn’t really attracted to her body type.

"There’s nothing there!" he pleaded, his miming the sides of a woman’s body. "I feel like I’d break her…"

I went on to say how a lot of the servers were skinny and pretty faces. “Barbies” he called them. I mentioned how at my orientation there were three girls there being hired as servers (including the aforementioned girl). Every single one was thin and pretty. I said that I had felt a little self-concious.

"They were all there, front of the house, pretty server girls. And there was I. ‘Oh, I’m just the girl in the back. Gonna get all greasy and wash my dishes!’ Haha."

He gave me a sheepish smile. “You’d be a pretty server girl.”

"Fuck that, I don’t want to be a server! I hate talking to people."

"Exactly!" he laughed.


It just made me so happy… how I knew I’d gone for the right guy, how I had realized how comfortable I was around this man from the beginning. It made me so happy to realize that here was this guy who was attracted to me, who thought I was pretty and worth it, who’d rather have me than someone else, to whom I was something pleasing and right and not needing of change.

Jake likes my body. He doesn’t mind if I don’t shave; he doesn’t complain about how I like to keep my shirt on when we have sex because showing my bare stomach makes me uncomfortable and takes away from the experience for me. He gives me soft kisses and likes to snuggle. And I love it.

I hope he feel as comfortable around me as I do around him. I want him to feel like he can come to me with his problems, and find solace with me from his frustrations. I want to be something easy for him right now. I don’t want to be another ‘thing to deal with’. That’s why I’m comfortable with this being just what it is. I don’t want to push him for a label. I’m okay with him just being Jake to me, not necessarily ‘boyfriend’ or ‘lover’ or ‘mine’. I know he’s not sleeping around. I know he’s not going to just fall for someone else or push me away. I discovered I can trust him without the label.

He can just be Jake. And I can just be Hannah. And we can sleep together if we want to and snuggle when we’re done. We can kiss and hug and watch tv together. We can hold hands. We can go on dates. We can wink at each other at work. It’s a relationship, but it doesn’t need to have a label. He can be Jake and I can be Hannah and we can be happy.


it’s amazing that people see “you’re not like other girls” as a romantic sentiment though

the guy just straight up admitted he devalues most of the women he meets and you think you’re gonna stay different and special in his eyes?

Well… But I definitely feel like the guy I’m seeing right now isn’t like other guys. That’s why I’m sacrificing things for him; that’s why I’m with him still. He’s different from all the other men who surround me. There’s something about him, the way he is, the way he thinks, that attracts me and satisfies me and empowers me.
So, is it okay for me to say he’s not like other guys because ‘other guys’ scare me and make me judge myself? Is it okay for me to say that because my experiences have lead me to believe that most males my age (and therefore most males I interact with) are shallow, cruel, judgmental, privileged creatures? Or is it not?

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I saw this one in the paper this morning. :333



I saw this one in the paper this morning. :333


Hear me.

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I needed this.

I needed this.

Nothing like a woman with a brilliant mind and a filthy mouth.

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I just had a ten minute discussion with myself about how Twilight, The Host, and the Animorphs series all exist in the same universe…


Her name was Valencia.

We met on a Thursday.